Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now There's a Beauty!

What an amazing semester we have had in Janes Discipleship! We just finished four classes of "Beauty by the Book" by Laurie Cole at 4 out of our 5 Bay Area campuses and we have seen so many beautiful women attending, learning, growing, encouraging one another and serving one another each week! We have also seen many leaders emerging, ready to take the next step in their journey with the Lord!

I know that as a direct result of this study, women's lives have been changed. I have personally seen evidence of marriages radically changed, women equipped with wisdom to handle very difficult situations in their homes and work environments, moms challenged and equipped to set Biblical standards in their parenting to make a difference in the next generation, and women finally finding their place faithfully serving the Lord at Bay Area Fellowship.

If you have not participated in one of our Janes Bible studies before, we hope and pray that next fall, you'll be the first in line to sign up! Be watching for EXPO 09 dates to be announced very soon. At EXPO you'll be able to find out about all the ways you can plug in to Bay Area Janes next semester.

We'll be taking the summer months off to rest and prayerfully seek God's plan for next year! Pray for us and with us and as always, contact us with any questions or ideas you have about Bay Area Janes Women's Ministry.